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Excellent job conveying the goofy energy with cartoon effects and whatnot. This is why I love YouTuber animations.

Ooh, I love me some dance magic! Really cool magic animation and dance moves! Nice work!

I have no clue what the heck I just watched, but it was definitely very well-executed. Even to the point where it sorta made sense in a way. I love the designs of quite a few of the characters and scenery, actually. Nice work!

Nice animatic! Looking forward to seeing more of these, and maybe some animations if you have the motivation some time!

LapisTheWolf responds:

thank you!

I like what you're doing with the effects on the image and how they change over time with the music, but this isn't all that much of a music video.

Generally, the Newgrounds movie portal is meant for, essentially, animated short movies (examples from my favorites: Beep and Tweet, The Dark Harvest, Starship Goldfish) and videos (examples from my favorites: Meet Me at NG, Spoilers, Unlocking the Door).

I recommend that you check the Newgrounds Wiki's Movie Guidelines and, if you need further help, send a message to someone who's experienced with the Movie Portal to give you more clarification.

LapisTheWolf responds:


I agree, it did turn out lovely, but I also agree with @Twoeliz's assessment - you should submit experiments like this as animated gifs. Fortunately, you can delete this and reupload it as a gif in the Art section if you want to do that. You should see a trash can alongside the buttons on the header (flag, share, playlist, favorite). And to convert whatever file type you have to an animated gif, just google "[file type] to gif" and you'll be able to find a lot of online converters. Hopefully that helps :)

LapisTheWolf responds:


Aah, this made me cry! You made me cry!

God, that was wholesome. And really well executed, too. Big props especially to Mr. Stackhouse for that moving score! That definitely contributed to the crying, as I'm quite susceptible to emotional music. Reeeeally well done. Like, all of it. I can't come up with words right now haha. Great work.

Wow, this is a really cool concept and quite wholesome. It lacks a lot in terms of complexity, but I really don't think it even needs any of that complexity. It communicates what it's trying to convey without using anything fancy. Great work!

This is really well done! I sorta know enough about Henry Stickmin to understand this. (Perhaps I need to actually check out the game.) But the animation is awesome! Especially since it's pixel art. (How does one do that?!) Really smooth movements and realistic physics, great facial expressions, overall I just love it. Great job!

As I don't know much about Nintendo, I don't 100% get all of these, but I like the vibe, it's cool and kinda badass. Really nice timing and smooth animations!

What I actually do in real life is compose music and drool over theme parks, but on here you'll mostly find art and reviews. Feel free to reach out to me at any time for feedback! ¡Hablo Español también!

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