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This is by far one of the best games I've seen from @Rob1221. The concept is unique but easy to understand, and its implementation in these levels is great. The graphics and level sequence, likewise, are easy to understand. I will definitely return to this to see if I can beat it!

Wow, I'm playing this while the music from "Chessformer" is coming from another tab. Is this what the kids call vibing?

Jokes aside, this is a fun little gadget with a cool concept. I've seen "shaky line" type animations in a lot of games with hand-drawn art styles, and this makes me think of those. It was fun to recreate that kind of effect with this! Just curious, how did you program it?

studionokoi responds:

i made it in unity, it stores the lines initial position then gives it a random x and y value ranging from either x minus shake offset to x plus shake offset and the same for y every frame

Holy heck, this a great first game! The graphics, the difficulty curve, the physics even - all hit the mark perfectly!

This is quite a nice homage to the Windows 95 maze screensaver! However, there's a few things I'd like to mention, mostly related to the rat. It took me a bit to figure out how the rat works - maybe it'd be good to make it more clear exactly how it works and how you're supposed to avoid it. The rat also gets stuck in various positions because of its hitbox, and I've noticed that in some places it's possible to take advantage of that, but in other places it's also possible for the rat to get stuck somewhere you need to go and you can't get past it. I'm not sure how to feel about the graphics - it's cool that you made such an accurate homage, but it's also likely that a lot of people will underestimate the quality of this game because of the way the graphics look. Decently solid overall.

8BitAnt responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write an honest review! I just went ahead and made an update. I have tried my best to fix the hitbox issue, and the rat's A.I. The rat may stop after moving because of the pathfinding A.I. The reason being that it has to recalculate its path towards the player each time it stops. The graphics on the other hand are not my main concern because I figured I'd make this for fun rather than it being a long process to make because I tend to lose motivation quickly, that and the fact I have been dealing with a lot of school work lately and need to finish that. I just made this whilst I took breaks from my work. If you have any other feedback my PMs are open! Thanks again!

Edit: Whilst the hitbox is better it still gets stuck :/

Man, I'm going to miss all the content I've seen that runs on Flash. This game was really cute, and provided a nice metaphor for the kind of situation I'm in. I still have not uninstalled Flash, even though I've got such little time left to use it. I'm trying to squeeze out every last bit of value that I can get from Flash, just like how I always clicked "Say something", and I know I'm going to regret forgetting about all of the Flash content that I forgot about while Flash still existed.

I encountered a glitch in which, when I'd run out of energy, the arm kept perpetually going back and forth across the screen without placing any ornaments, and I didn't get the ending cutscene. The tree is a little bit hard to navigate, but I get that there's really nothing you can do about it, since that's the layout that makes the most sense for a tree. Maybe you can extend the game and add more levels with different layouts that are easier/harder (like the cat's on the mantle above the fireplace and knocking down knick-knacks, or on a bookshelf and knocking down books?) That'd be a fun extension of this concept!

I absolutely love this game, it's adorable and very well done! Great job with everything!

drakeblue responds:

I'll see if I can reproduce that problem and update if I can fix it. I hope it didn't spoil it too much for you.
I made this as a little toy for the holiday period, but the kittens came out well enough that I suspect they may make a return in the future and I doubt they'll stop being naughty.
Thanks for the feedback :)

As an amusement/theme park enthusiast, I just had to give this a try. Dear God, this ride is unsafe, haha! Where the heck are the restraints?! This gives a whole new meaning to "airtime"!

Jokes aside, I completely agree with @FuturecopLGF (I even noticed the same glitch) and @ElCatrinLCD (except my love for the Aztec theme of the game comes from my interest in history and mythology rather than an ethnic connection.) I feel like it's really hard to navigate that one really steep airtime hill towards the end that just automatically yeets all your riders into the air. But that could very well be part of the challenge of the game. Over all, a pretty fun game!

I love everything about this game. I just wish I could progress further through it! I struggle a lot with this game at the moment (partly because my screen isn't big enough to show the whole game window without zooming out of the page, and partly because my reflexes aren't always perfect). Maybe add checkpoints? I'm going to try to come back to this game a few times and see if I can get around the limitations a bit easier with some practice.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything @FuturecopLGF is saying. However, I see from the description that you're not happy with the game either, so since I don't have any criticism that @FuturecopLGF hasn't already given, I'll dedicate this review to saying what I love about this game, hoping that it'll encourage you to go back to it to fix it. The concept is really great! I also love the little speedrun thing at the top right - that would be great fodder for medals and high score leaderboards in a future version! I know the tile and background assets aren't yours, but you did such a great job with using them and really making the environment look good! This game has a lot going for it overall. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future.

I'm excited to play, but... it's not loading in my browser?

ExoPlanetGames responds:

I'm sorry to hear, what browser are you running? Maybe try using chrome, or refreshing the page a couple of times! - Programming Team - Nic

What I actually do in real life is compose music and drool over theme parks, but on here you'll mostly find art and reviews. Feel free to reach out to me at any time for feedback! ¡Hablo Español también!

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