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Excellent creepy vibe on this one. It complements the character's design and theme very well!

Daww! I love that! I'd be happy to be in her company too!

I love the painterly style you used here, it really gives the artwork a dreamy look.

I get that. It's easy to go into redesigns with a mindset of trying to improve the character, rather than putting your own twist on the design.

Either way, I still love what you did with these characters! I can definitely see your own style coming through, through the designs, poses, and stylized elements. Nice work!

Another awesome-looking design, with another cool photo background! I can really see your personal style coming through!

SNRK! That's hilarious! Well-drawn comic as well.

Wow, I love the difference in aesthetic/style between the two. It's like a fairy tale character was transported to a modern fantasy world, or like the one on the left is the cool actress who plays the one on the right in a movie. You really put your own twist on her. It's always fun to see how different artists interpret the same character.

Oh my God, yes. She is beautiful. Excellent mermaid design and I love the colors!

I feel your pain about the Among Us thing. I like the game, but to me, this was not the place to be referencing it just because someone said "among", and I get how it makes you feel unappreciated.

With that being said, I love this artwork and the little story behind it. Both are quite well-crafted; it communicates a lot without needing words. I love the colors you used (as always). Nice work!

I can just feel the warmth and brightness coming from this picture. Excellent use of lighting, colors, etc., and adorable elf.

HAH! I love it! Humorous and well-drawn fanart. Great job!

What I actually do in real life is compose music and drool over theme parks, but on here you'll mostly find art and reviews. Feel free to reach out to me at any time for feedback! ¡Hablo Español también!

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