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Excellent job conveying the goofy energy with cartoon effects and whatnot. This is why I love YouTuber animations.

Ooh, I love me some dance magic! Really cool magic animation and dance moves! Nice work!

I have no clue what the heck I just watched, but it was definitely very well-executed. Even to the point where it sorta made sense in a way. I love the designs of quite a few of the characters and scenery, actually. Nice work!

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This is by far one of the best games I've seen from @Rob1221. The concept is unique but easy to understand, and its implementation in these levels is great. The graphics and level sequence, likewise, are easy to understand. I will definitely return to this to see if I can beat it!

Wow, I'm playing this while the music from "Chessformer" is coming from another tab. Is this what the kids call vibing?

Jokes aside, this is a fun little gadget with a cool concept. I've seen "shaky line" type animations in a lot of games with hand-drawn art styles, and this makes me think of those. It was fun to recreate that kind of effect with this! Just curious, how did you program it?

studionokoi responds:

i made it in unity, it stores the lines initial position then gives it a random x and y value ranging from either x minus shake offset to x plus shake offset and the same for y every frame

Holy heck, this a great first game! The graphics, the difficulty curve, the physics even - all hit the mark perfectly!

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This is some pretty interesting music, even though it doesn't sound energetic enough to be much of a "battle theme" to me. The Undertale sound effects were a fun touch (psst, by the way, because of those you need to mark that your track has 3rd party samples in it). My favorite part is around 01:15 - it has similar vibes and even similar instruments to Terraria's nighttime music. It sounds like the synth doing the Megalovania-esque thing comes in a couple beats early at around 1:44, which means it doesn't always line up with the other stuff. But otherwise, really nice work, and I hope you return to this idea later!

Shady Cicada has a few videos on making video game battle/boss theme music, maybe those might be helpful?

LapisTheWolf responds:

ok thank you!!

It actually sounds pretty good, but not necessarily for the purpose you intended it for. I'd consider this more ambient background music for a minimalist game, rather than something I could dance to. I think it's because there is very rarely any kind of percussion or any other strong indicator of where the beats are, and when it is there, it's pretty quiet. If it is supposed to be truly ambient, as the tag suggests, maybe it'd be good to name the title something else or explain the intended context in the description? And if it is meant to be dance music, I actually found a couple tutorials for how to write dance music on YouTube - I'm not sending any links because I figure it'd be better to just let you find the one that works best for you. Hope this helps!

LapisTheWolf responds:


Hey, you're actually starting to get somewhere here! I can tell that you've got a recurring melody in the piece, as well as an amount of structure! I'm thinking what's needed here is more of an intention with how you use the structure, like what's going to be the arrival point where you go all-in, that the audience will remember afterward. There's also a little bit of musical rambling in the melody and subsequent piano line around 2 minutes in - I recommend you do research on how phrases, cadences, and harmonization work in music, that would help you provide the melody with some structure. Musictheory.net is always a good resource for learning music concepts and how to implement them in your songs. But yeah, it's definitely improving! And the first part of that melody actually kinda sounds like Undertale music :)

LapisTheWolf responds:


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Excellent creepy vibe on this one. It complements the character's design and theme very well!

Daww! I love that! I'd be happy to be in her company too!

I love the painterly style you used here, it really gives the artwork a dreamy look.

I get that. It's easy to go into redesigns with a mindset of trying to improve the character, rather than putting your own twist on the design.

Either way, I still love what you did with these characters! I can definitely see your own style coming through, through the designs, poses, and stylized elements. Nice work!

What I actually do in real life is compose music and drool over theme parks, but on here you'll mostly find art and reviews. Feel free to reach out to me at any time for feedback! ¡Hablo Español también!

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