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A few of the sounds sound a bit weird to me, but the animation here is stellar! Really nice work!

Oh my God, I saw this on YouTube first, I didn't know this was also on Newgrounds! This animation captures the Calvin and Hobbes style so well. The one thing I find a little bit incongruous stylistically is the modern music - the part where it went to being electro swing instead of just swing kinda threw me off. However, it still works well as a Calvin and Hobbes animation. All the little touches, such as the tree in the foreground being separate and that subtle motion of the text in the credits, really did bring it to life.

Another excellent animated rendition of Calvin and Hobbes! I agree with your music choice here - the older-style music gives it a timeless feel, like the music Vince Guaraldi wrote for the Peanuts animations. You also did a very good job of capturing the combination catlike/humanlike movements that one would expect from Hobbes, as well as the movement of the kids and Calvin's dad outside. Overall, this is amazing, and I love it so much.

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I unearthed a glitch while I was playing the game. Sometimes, the movement scheme is reversed, and the movement will be stopped unless you hold down the mouse, rather than holding down the mouse to stop the movement. This is generally triggered by switching tabs, and is not fixed with new levels or resetting a level, but is fixed if the player dies.

I'll return to this review at a later date to assess the rest of the game.

Playing this game initially, I had a feeling of "I don't know what I'm doing, and when I do know what I'm doing, I can't do it." The "I don't know what I'm doing" factor came from not thinking I had any kind of idea what the level looked like or where the other signs were. Up until I read the reviews, I thought that the arrow by the player character indicated where I would go if I dashed, rather than where the closest sign was. The "I can't do it" factor came from the difficulty curve of the level, as very soon in the level, the game requires complex movement combinations such as running jump + dash + a lot of wall jumping in order to proceed.

After pausing the game to look through the reviews and take a breather, I went back to playing. Now that I'd gotten the hang of how the game worked, including the arrow, it was easier to figure out how to complete the objectives. Hence, it wasn't as much a matter of the levels being difficult as it was the game leaving me in the dark about most of how it worked, leaving me to flounder a lot. (Although I agree with @DyrusDB, wall jump does need to be more powerful.)

I'm leaving this here for players who need help: One thing that the game doesn't explain and I didn't see in the reviews, that I had to find out myself, is that if you're running, you will jump higher than if you jump from standing still. This is of the utmost importance in a few places in the map, one of them being getting back on top of the ramp at the very bottom after you've gone to the right of it to repair a sign. You won't be able to jump high enough to get over the ledge unless you use a running jump.

Overall, I wish the game had less of a difficulty spike at the beginning, and spent a bit of effort showing the player how it worked before throwing them in front of a complex challenge. The graphics are really cool, although I once again agree with @DyrusDB that there needs to be more detail to give the player an idea of how far they're going. The music is cool, albeit a little annoying when the game itself is already getting frustrating. I also have a tiny nitpick - it says "rollerblade" in the description and the sprite has roller skates, but the movement doesn't feel like skating, so maybe that detail should be taken out. This is a really cool idea, and I hope to see it given a bit more development.

Wow, this is a really cool take on the swapping areas mechanic. It provides a good blend between strategizing with your swaps to get the keys and having to react and move quickly to take out approaching enemies. The graphics and effects are cool and they make the game intuitive to play. Only thing I'd say is the music's a little bit too in your face for my tastes, but that's more personal preference and the sound design is otherwise amazing.

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I love the kind of asymmetric, 14-part pattern that drives the groove of this thing. Coupled with the sparkly arpeggios, it reminds me of a few Mannheim Steamroller songs, except with a Genesis soundfont. It'd be cool if you added more sections, with different instrumentation and patterns but keeping the same kind of groove.

My man, you've just invented 80s cartoon music, haha! It sounds pretty good if you think of it like that, although there's a couple bits that seem a little bit disconnected from the rest. Otherwise awesome!

Sounds kind of peaceful and happy. Reminds me of some tracks from Undertale, actually, in the way it sounds.

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Honestly that's really pretty. I love these colors and the glowing geometric patterns intersecting. I love it.

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Dude ! If you would know , how important for me your coment ...

I would visit this temple. The stars on the pyramid are just absolutely beautiful, and I love the surreal sci-fi stuff in the background. Overall wonderful once again.

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Its means what i fully reproduce idea and spirit of this art =)

Very cute! I like the style you used here and the effects around the lines!

Mostly an artist, reviewer, and theme park nut, with some music and perhaps animations in the pipeline! Feel free to reach out to me at any time for feedback! ¡Hablo Español también!
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